Do you lie awake at night trying to work out what school to send your child to? Or with other big questions whizzing around your mind for you and your family? 

One declaration that puts my mind to rest when I get in a tizzy about big decisions is...


You may be wondering what righteousness has to do with school choices, but I would say alot! Righteousness is our right standing before God. And when you know that ultimately you are right before God, it takes the pressure off making the perfect decisions, or getting everything ‘right’. 

You are right before God, not because your children are at the right school, your children are succeeding in life, or because you are a good parent. You are right before God because Jesus died for you and wiped away the record of everything you have done wrong past, present and future. 

If you have been born again, you have become a slave to righteousness, meaning that even when you do things wrong God still sees you as holy, blameless blameless and without reproach. 

This can seem like a bit of a head fry, but it is true, and it is available to all of us, if we receive by faith the fact that Jesus loves us, died for us, has forgiven us and made us right with God once and for all. 

Will you receive your Christ- righteousness today? Admit defeat on all efforts of self righteousness (we can never do it all right in our own strength) and fall into the loving arms of your heavenly Father, who has given you the free gift of righteousness through faith in His son alone. He loves you regardless of whether you make the ‘right’ decision. 

Love Thea x