Check out Thea's take on some of our most powerful declarations



I Am Patient

I Am Content In All Circumstances

I Am Free From Fear

I Am A Dead Raiser

I Am A Work In Progress

I Am A Sheep


I Am Unoffendable


I Am Clothed in My Full Spiritual Armour

I Am Full of Hope

I Am An Empowerer

I Am Sent To Bind The Brokenhearted

I Am Anointed

I Am Outrageously Loved

I Am Enough As I Am

I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

I Am A Child of God

I Am Full of Hope

I Am Adventurous

I Am Content in All Circumstances

 I Am A Child of God

I Am Free From Sin

I Am Grateful & Powerful

I Am Held By God

I Am Self-Controlled


I Am Refreshed in God's Presence

Rivers or Sewage

I Am Free From Fear

What Are You Thinking?

I Am Held In The Arms of God

I Am A Water Walker

I Am A Mountain Leveller



I Am Righteous




 Bill Johnson chats to us about the identity crisis

We had the privilege of speaking to Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor of Bethel Church, about the subject of identity. 


 I am not an impostor!

 'Imposter syndrome' is rife - with people feeling ill equipped to do the job at hand and fraudulent as a result. Whether in parenting, you marriage, your work, know that in Christ you are fully equipped for the job at hand. His strength is perfected in your weakness. You can bring your loaves and fish, enjoy being you and let Him do the rest.



 Tom & Leslie Crandall talk to us about identity

.Tom Crandall is the Youth Pastor of Bethel Church, Redding CA. He and his wife Leslie have served in fulltime ministry for 12 years. They have two amazing children, Joel and Adelyn and a yellow lab named Bailey. Tom’s passion is to see a generation burn for God, be established in their identity as son’s and daughters and empower them to demonstrate the Gospel with sign’s and wonders to a lost world. 



 I am my beloved's and He is mine

 Date night with Jesus 


 I am God's masterpiece

Today this flower caused me to marvel for a good fifteen minutes solid. It reminded me that we are God's Masterpieces, that He marvels at and enjoys!!! 


 I am free from comparing myself to others

As the body of Christ, we are like an ecosystem that works best when each person is doing their bit. Comparison is a killer of this- causing us to look to the left and right and forget who we are actually meant to be and the value of what we bring to the ecosystem.



 I am courageous

Courage is not the absence of fear, but feeling the fear and doing the thing anyway. I recently got first hand experience of courage on a motor biking adventure in Thailand...