We (Thea and Dom) have both been on painful, yet redemptive, journeys to discover our true identity in Christ and in the process have developed a passion for seeing others become the fullest and freest version of who God made you to be. 

This course is the culmination of our heart journey with the Lord, and is based upon 12 biblical declarations, unpacked and imparted to help you build core strength in the area of your identity.  

With 12 inspirational videos (one for each declaration), accompanied by a course book containing teaching, exercises and practical tips to help you discover and embrace your true identity in Christ. The course kit also contains a matching notebook to help you step into your identity as a child of the King most high. 

We really want to encourage you to join us on this journey and you will come to understand that you are outrageously loved, pleasing to God, righteous in Christ, enough as you are, fearfully and wonderfully made...and so much more! As you embrace these truths, watch how they impact every area of your life.

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“There is a clear connection between declarations and the release of power. With I Am So Many Things, Thea and Dominic have created something that is fun, beautiful, but also full of weighty truths. Let these declarations wash over you, confirming your royal identity in Christ!”

Bill Johnson (Bethel Church, Redding, CA) 

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