ARISTOTLE- We are what we repeatedly do. 
To a certain extent I agree with Aristotle on this one. What we repeatedly do - our habits - does directly affect our destiny. But guess what, it starts further back, in our thought life.

Our THOUGHTS become our WORDS. 

Our WORDS become our HABITS. 


Our CHARACTER frames our DESTINY. 

So I suggest, we are what we repeatedly THINK. 
What goes in will come out. The thoughts you rehearse will shape your life. 

We have about 30,000 thoughts a day. What are you thinking about?! Most of our thoughts are subconscious, so it can be hard to pinpoint what exactly is going through our head. But the fruit of our life will give us an indication. 

'As a man thinks in his heart, so is he'. Proverbs 23:7.

When you find yourself worried, anxious, stressed, afraid, short tempered, critical, offended, or hopeless, you can be sure that somewhere along the line you have believed a lie. When you are full of peace, joy, love, hope, trust, generosity and freedom, that is a good indication that you are thinking God thoughts. 

The good news is, that even if you have gone down a rabbit warren of stinking thinking, coming back is simple. Cry out to God; 'Lord I am sorry. I have believed lies and I am in darkness. Please help. Show me the lie and reveal the truth and help me to believe it.' 

When I was in the early days of being transformed by the renewing of my mind, I found this part of the process really difficult. I had no idea what the lie was, or the truth was, I just knew that I was in a total pickle and felt horrendous. This is where I Am So Many Things was formed. I had a list of over 100 declarations on my ipad. When I was in the pits of darkness, I would just begin speaking out these truths one by one. Sometimes after a few declarations, other times after about 50, light would dawn in my heart. The heaviness would break. What had happened was that the truth had set me free. By speaking these truths out loud, the lie that I didn't even know I was believing, was exposed and hope could come in again. The shift in my heart as truth displaced the lie was tangible. It was like a joint clicking back into place, or a light switching on. 

The more I practiced this, the more aware I became of what exactly I was thinking and the quicker I could pinpoint the lie I had believed and nip it in the bud. Rather than let it grow and dominate my day/ month or year. No jokes! Many of us walk around under the influence of lies that we have believed for YEARS! Maybe it was something spoken over us in the playground or at home as a child. Unless we do business with these old voices- rejecting them and repenting of every way we have agreed with and empowered that lie in our life, we will be in their grip until we die. 

No thanks! Have a thoughtlife makeover. Be washed in God's word today. Feast on the bible and let it search you and expose every stronghold of wrong belief. Get a copy of I Am So Many Things and start speaking God's truth over yourself day by day. Watch as the light turns on and lies are exposed. There will be certain declarations that are harder to say. Some that get stuck in your throat or you immediately want to reject. Bingo. You have landed on an area where God wants to bring freedom, healing and truth. 

RECOGNISE the lie. REPENT for believing it. REPLACE it with the truth. 

This is a continual and wonderful process until the day we die. To be continually transformed by the renewing of our mind. It is not a one hit wonder. Every day the devil tries to throw us off course with a fiery dart here and a lie there. It has been the same since the beginning of time, where he caused Adam and Eve to question God's goodness in the garden. But we can learn to abide in God and walk in unbroken connection with him, if we allow our thoughtlives to be continually searched, pruned and cleansed. Until we think as God thinks, believe as He believes and then surprise surprise... do what He does. 

Tighten up your thoughtlife security system with a copy of I Am So Many Things and a Declaration Mug. Feast on truth so that the red alert can sound as soon as a lie approaches. And you can waste no more time in darkness and stinking thinking, but learn to live victoriously, in freedom, truth, joy and unbroken intimacy with God. 

Love Thea x