Do you know that studies suggest children laugh up to 300 times a day, compared to the average 17 times a day that adults let out a chuckle?!

When I was 18 I entered a competition of Sleeping Lions in Trafalgar Sq that was being organised by a comedy channel, as a big PR stunt to do with this statistic about how little adults laugh. Somehow I managed to win and walked away with the exact amount of money I needed to book my flights and head off on a gap year. God provided in an extraordinary way!!! 

Who knows how accurate the figures are, but there is no doubt that children have a propensity towards laughter that seems to get lost as we grow up. 

Do you know that Psalm 2 says that God laughs?! ‘He who sits in heaven laughs’ Psalm 2:4. If God can laugh in the face of all that is going on in the world and all that He is carrying, so can we! 

We can laugh because we have a good good Father. We can laugh because God holds the whole world in His hands we don’t have to. We can laugh because we are His, He is taking care of us and we are not alone. We can laugh because we are forgiven, washed clean and loved. We can laugh because joy in the midst of trial is truly accessible and glorious. We can laugh because Jesus defeated death and sin on the cross, He has won the ultimate battle and we are on His team! 

If you are not on Team Jesus, do get on His side. As without Him as your Lord and Saviour this life and the next are not so funny!  

God please help us to laugh again. Help us to let you carry the weight of the world and to trust in you day by day like children, enjoying you and being present to all that is wonderful and funny and beautiful and praiseworthy. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

If you are wanting a good laugh now, please listen to this talk. If you are a mum it is extra funny! 

Encouraging Mums to Laugh - Ted Cunningham