I am strengthening myself in the Lord

Hello everyone,

What do you do when you are feeling weak? Do you look to someone else to pick you up again? Do you go to food or coffee?! Do you press on through and try not to think about it? Or do you run to Jesus?

1 Samuel 30:6 says David strengthened himself in the Lord. What I love about this verse is that he was active in his transformation. He wasn’t a victim waiting for rescue, but he was on the front foot, strengthening himself. Sometimes we have the comfort of friends and family around to encourage us when we are down, but real spiritual maturity looks like being able to go to the Lord one on one and find that strength in Him alone. 

Often in the morning I hear Redemption singing to himself in the next door bedroom. He makes up the funniest little songs and it has inspired me to start singing to myself more often. I challenge you to do the same!

Listen here for how to make up your own declaration songs to start strengthening yourself in the Lord whatever time of day.


Thea xx