Do you like how you have been made? Or when you look in the mirror do your eyes scan for the things you wished looked different? Are you happy in your skin? Or are there niggling voices in your head that say ‘if I was more like… I’d be happy’. 

Recently when I have been putting our daughter, Esther to bed, she tells me that she loves me and then starts naming all of my body parts that she loves. It starts with understandable things like eyes and nose and then often she moves onto the curveballs, like ‘I love your throat’. Bed time procrastination technique or not, it is incredibly sweet and speaks to me about how God sees and adores us.

He lavishes His love on us, beyond what we are often comfortable to accept. My extended session of body adoration from Esther even makes me squirm a little, with my elbows and eyebrows receiving such high praise. But it is also a beautiful bath in truth- that yes, God has made each part of me intricately and wonderfully and He is worthy to be praised for all of it! 

Do you know what God says about you? 

You are fearfully and wonderfully made

You are made in His image

You are HIS masterpiece

He did a good job when He made you 


He loves you just as you are! 

Now that is good news! 

Challenge- write these five declarations on your mirror or next to it and read them OUTLOUD every time you look in the mirror this week. Allow yourself that regular bath in God’s truth and delight. 

Love Thea x