Embarrassing confession; last weekend I nearly missed my sister’s baby shower by running out of petrol. Now, not because there wasn’t a service station, but because I missed the first service station (while my dial was already in the red), in the hopes that the next one might have better food options!

My family is quite prone to a little adrenaline rush and part of me was enjoying that little game, of How Low Can You Go? with the fuel gauge! (Anyone else done that?!) Until the heat got too much, I realised I was seriously close to getting myself in a right pickle and I had to take a detour off the road in search of a nearby town. 

As I filled the car I remembered a dream a few nights earlier where I had nearly missed a flight, because of trying to track down the best mint choc chip ice cream in the airport! 

I think God was trying to tell me something and after some prayer and repentance, I hope I have now learnt my lesson!

 How do you make decisions? What are you led by? Worldly wisdom? Your head? Opinions of others? Fear of man? Your stomach? Your heart? Your spirit? 

Hearing God’s voice and discerning His will can feel overwhelming and confusing, but the Bible does say that we are his sheep and we do hear his voice. So take solace that God is speaking and He does want to lead and guide you into fullness of life and doing things His way. 

We often don’t even know our own motives for doing things. The heart can be deceitful. But just begin to prayerfully invite God into your everyday life and decisions. Pray ‘God, not my will be done, but yours today’ and pray for discernment to know when you are being led by your flesh rather than the Holy Spirit. 

Love Thea x