Do you struggle to know how to approach God? Is ‘quiet time’ a daunting prospect? Do you feel you need to tick some sort of box for a successful ‘time with the Lord’ and often feel like you fail? 

I used to avoid time with God because I was worried about ‘not doing it right’. I had weird expectations and patterns of performance, that made ‘quiet time’ a stressful strive-fest and thoroughly unappealing. 

The more I have come to know who God is, how He sees me and who I am in Him, the more I have longed to spend time with Him and the easier it is to come to Him without self consciousness. 

Dom said something beautifully freeing the other day ‘God loves our awkwardness’. Again this dealt a blow to the last vestiges of performance and striving and again, led me to joyfully run to Jesus. 

Embrace the awkwardness with God. Come as you are. He loves you. 

Love Thea x