Do you struggle with ‘destination disease’? Thinking ‘I will be happy when…..’ All of us are prone to wishing we were somewhere else, physically, emotionally, spiritually, but we can experience great freedom, joy and contentment right here, right now, wherever we are. Why? Because Jesus is with us. Jesus experienced every trial, suffering and temptation. He is no stranger to the human journey and wants to come and walk alongside us in ours. 

Pride and shame can make us run from God, saying ‘i’ll come back to God when…’ and plough on in our own strength in the meantime. That is a great waste of an opportunity to know God in the midst of the journey. 

Jesus was also called ‘Emmanuel’ meaning God WITH us. My nightmare missed turn, nighttime drive extravaganza turned a corner for good when i realised that whether i had added an hour to the journey or not, God was right there with me in the car and that elongated journey could become the most glorious tabernacle of His presence if I would just let go of ‘getting there’ and sit with Him in the process. 

Take a moment to search your heart for any ‘I’ll be happy when…’s that may be lingering and ask God to help you know Him right here right now. 

Love Thea x