Wouldn’t life be so much easier if someone told you what to do all the time?! 

When I was younger I really didn’t want to grow up. I thought being an adult was a terrible idea and responsibility sounded like some sort of punishment. I wanted to be like Peter Pan and was very content with other people making decisions for me. 

Praise God, He has set me free to know and embrace the joys of adulthood. But still at times I cry out ‘God just tell me what to do!!!’ With running a business there can be so many decisions to make and what if I am doing it all wrong?! I sometimes long for someone to look over my shoulder and give me the step my step instructions. 

Recently I have been strengthening myself in God with the reminder I AM NOT ALONE. I am not doing I Am So Many Things alone. I have the Lord with me and He is the best CEO, the most creative Creative Director and the most trustworthy accountant I could ever hope for. He is the shepherd, I am the sheep and I hear His voice. I lack no good thing! 

Yes He brings the right people at the right time and supplies all of my needs according to His glorious riches. But most importantly, He never leaves me. 

When we have Jesus we are NEVER ALONE and we lack no good thing. 

Pray with me; Jesus thank you that you never leave or forsake me. Thank you that i do not need to be afraid, for YOU are with me and you know best. I give you every area of loneliness and I thank you that you are my comforter, my friend and my lover. Help me know you in this way. I give you every area that needs direction and I thank you that you are the shepherd and you are leading and guiding me. Please open my ears to hear you, my eyes to see you and give me a heart to trust and follow you, wherever you say to go.  Amen. 

Love Thea x