How many of you have heard the phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none? How many of you have had that spoken over you or spoken it over yourself? 

For years I was told that it was a problem that I was good at many different things. Luckily I didn’t really believe it. But it was discouraging. It took doing a Christian business course for this mantra to be broken. The precious people leading it - thank you Simon and Marian Middleton and Mike Sokitoras - saw me prophetically as well as in the natural and were able to see legitimate value and business potential in my bizarre mix of giftings. It was deeply healing and empowered me to do what I am doing today with I Am So Many Things. 

To all of you with an eclectic mix of gifts, who aren’t sure quite how they fit… I want to encourage you that God made you just right - with just the right gifts for the job he has for you to do. You are HIS masterpiece - intricately and purposefully woven. Not one bit is by mistake. 

So shake off all the ‘master of none’ nonsense and dance in the joyous freedom that you are a master of many and are fearfully and wonderfully made. 

I would not be able to do what I do now if I didn’t like art AND maths AND public speaking AND modelling AND photography AND meeting people AND systems AND creativity, plus plus plus. For many years it didn’t make sense, but with hindsight things are always a lot clearer. 

So hold on in there. God has a purpose and a plan in the unique way that He made you and none of it is by mistake. Follow him with your whole heart and you will walk into the plans He has for you. 

Love Thea x

PS. Please forward this to a teenager or twenty something that you know. I wish I had known this then.