Have you ever been in a beautiful place or blessed situation, when you know everything ‘should’ be great, but internally you are in a pickle that clouds all of the goodness of the external blessings? 
Earlier this week I had just that. We were down in sunny Cornwall, in the campervan, supposedly having a lovely time, but I was so stressed and tetchy and even contemplated the phrase ‘this is the holiday from hell!'. It was like the walls of my head were closing in on me, as i tried to wrestle various spiritual battles while also dressing and feeding children. 
By God’s grace I was able to spot what was going on and remove myself for a walk and a pray. After some blubby pouring out my heart to the Lord, repentance and surrender, peace came flooding back. Suddenly I could hear the birds again, feel the sun on my skin and see the bushes full of blackberries. And I was able to love rather than bark at my children. 
It reminded me afresh of the importance of our inner world. However blissful your external surroundings, if you spiritual, emotional, internal world is in turmoil it is an absolute nightmare. Yet when we have the peace and joy of communion with God and the Holy Spirit we can turn even the dreariest place into a dreamland. We are atmosphere changers and heaven carriers. We are portals to another realm, cities on a hill and agents of transformation and healing. 
If something is robbing your peace today, get help. Talk to God, talk to a friend, reach out to someone older and wiser, soak yourself in scripture and get back to that place of radiance. It is such a robbery to live life heavy burdened, hidden or alone. The devil wants us isolated, ashamed and putting on all sorts of masks to hide what is really going on. But Jesus came to set us free and give life to the full. 
Your internal world will become your external reality, so take some time to allow God to tend to the garden of your heart, uproot weeds and lies and water His seeds of truth. 
If this journey is brand new to you, grab yourself a copy of I Am So Many Things to begin to get to grips with what the truth is about how God sees you. For those who are wanting to go deeper, keep an eye out for our True Identity Course, which will be available again next week, with some exciting improvements. 
Love Thea x