5 years ago we had our first I Am So Many Things stand at Davids Tent and i was pregnant with our first child. We had no idea what we were doing on both fronts! This year we were back with our fifth stall and pregnant with our fourth child. It is a remarkable to think how much has happened in the last five years. I thank God for every bit of growth. This year the great excitement was to see the full range of coloured mugs on display and to see our new yellow and pink breakfast bowls coming to join the party!  
My highlight of Davids Tent is always meeting all of you and hearing your stories. Thank you for coming and sharing them. Here were some of the precious testimonies we heard. 
Two gorgeous flatmates shared about how our mugs helped them through their Alevels and now brighten up their mornings at uni. If you have a child heading off to Uni this September, get them a Breakfast Set to help keep them on the straight and narrow! 
We had a stream of courageous children taking the ‘Declaration Challenge’ - learning and reciting three declarations in exchange for a sticker and chocolate biscuit!! Try it out on your children and grandchildren. 
We also heard beautiful stories of all sorts of different people, ages and stages who have worked through the True Identity Course and understood more of their identity in Christ. This lovely father and son team ran through it in their children’s church, with kids aged 6-14
It is always funny hearing of ‘mug war ‘ stories- where there is a little bit of argy bargy over who will get to use the I Am So Many Things each morning - the early bird catches the worm! This lovely mum enjoys using her daughters yellow mug! If you guys have mug wars at home, please treat yourself to a set of two more mugs
Wanting to get freer and go deeper with God this term? News Flash - the True Identity Course is about to be available again!!!! Chat to your friends, flatmates, small groups and find out who wants to club together to get a bulk order of the course books and work through it together. It will transform your life and relationships.