Bread Update

Bread has been open now for 4 months. It has got off to a great start, with many testimonies of people being touched by God, a growing community of mums and toddlers who attend the story and singing groups, and many a person saying we serve the best coffee in Yeovil. Wooppee! 

We have been meeting as a church there on a Sunday morning and having gorgeous times of worship, as well as spontaneous moments of prayer and worship through the week too.

Now we want to up our game and go to the next level. There is so much that can be done spiritually and physically. On the spiritual side of it, we want Bread to be a real place of prayer. We are consecrating the upper room as a place of prayer.

Working towards it being a 24/7 prayer room. When we first arrived there was a cross imprinted on the carpet, from the shelves that were there previously. An encouraging sign!! This will naturally overflow downstairs, so that customers are walking into an atmosphere of prayer, God’s presence and great blessing and joy. We are also going to be asking all customers if there is anything we can pray for them for, when giving them their coffee.

On the edible side, we are starting to make our own sourdough bread and run bread making courses. We are baking a range of ‘good for your cakes’, to introduce people to the concept of healthy also being delicious. And we are continuing to refine and expand our menu. 

We need help! On the practical side, we are refining our processes, systems and business model. There is so much opportunity. We are definitely good visionaries and implememters, but are in search of skilled maintainers and improvers, who like applying themselves to the detail to help something run really well. 

If you would love to be part of a kingdom venture, if you love food and drink and would love to be involved in hospitality, if you are passionate about Jesus and the gospel, if you are ready to move to Yeovil and get stuck in, if you think this may be you then get in touch.

If you have got managerial and business skills and think you may be able to take the business side of things to the next level, jump on the many opportunities available, help with the detail, systems, and run a tight but joyful ship, get in touch. 

If you are interested in the ministry side and would like to pray behind the scenes and in time, be part of the roving ministry team downstairs, who can give time and attention to customers who are wanting to talk or pray more, this is also an area of need. Get in touch.

A good first step for all of the above is to come and visit us! We are open as a cafe Monday to Saturday, 9-4 or 5 and then for church from 10-12 on a Sunday.
Love Thea x