Discover Who You Really Are

We believe that the world is in the grip of an identity crisis, that took hold long before the surreal onset of Covid-19. So many of us are lost and looking for answers in all the wrong places: affirmation of others, careers and financial success, how slim, fit or good looking we are, how many friends we have on Facebook. We question every thought that we have, action we take and always find ourselves lacking in some way or another.

So we are so happy that you are joining us on this journey of discovery to find your true, God given identity and ultimately, to help you become the fullest and freest version of the extraordinary person that He has created you to be.

There's no time like the present to begin your journey, whether you explore a declaration a day, a week or a month, start with video 1 now and I promise you, that you will see yourself transformed by the renewing of your mind in ways that you never dreamed possible.

To get the most out of this course please make sure that you complete the actions recommended per chapter

And should you want to go even deeper in the area of biblical declaration, our original book contains 112 life affirming statements to use daily.  Click here to see options.

It's never too early or to late to start your journey, every man woman and child is welcome, so let's get started!

 Our Prayer For You

We pray that whenever you are doubting yourself and who you have been created to be, whenever the lies of the enemy come knocking, that you remember that you are an outrageously loved child of God! 

And that you use these (and the other 'I am' declarations contained in the book) to keep on pursuing your true identity in Him all the days of your long and blessed life. 
In Jesus' glorious name AMEN!

Love Thea & Dom xxx


1. I Am Outrageously Loved

   2. I Am God's Very Good Idea

3. I Am God's Masterpiece

4. I Am A New Creation

5. I Am Not Alone

6. I Am Righteous


7. I Am Free From Me


  8. I Am Unashamed


9. I Am An Overcomer 


 10. I Am Pleasing To My Heavenly Father


11. I Am A Child of God

12. I am being transformed by the renewing of my mind