Choose life today. Do you know the power of life and death is in your tongue. Choose LIFE. Choose to create, build up, encourage, strengthen, rejoice and focus on what is good with your words today. Your words are powerful and the decisions you make both to speak and stay silent are powerful. 

We cannot afford to have a single thought about ourselves that God doesn't think about us. Similarly, it is not worth speaking out things that heaven isn't amening. Our words are so powerful. We can very easily talk ourselves into a pit of despair, rehearsing the same old, dreary narratives. Or we can choose to speak words of hope and life over ourselves, others and situations and watch as our hearts and outlook begin to change. 

Sometimes speaking out truth comes before feeling it. 

For example this morning I was fed up with the mess in the house. I couldn't face tidying up the kitchen AGAIN! Sweeping sticky porridge off the floor for the upteenth time. I noticed energy drain away as I dreaded what was ahead. But I knew i had a decision to be thankful or to grumble. So i started saying out loud, 'Thank you God for our house, Thank you for the opportunity to serve, thank you that you are with me, thank you for food and clothes, thank you for your joy being my strength.' And guess what... everything changed. I arrived home and tidied up with a totally different attitude and was genuinely joyful and peaceful. Content right where I was rather than grumbling and complaining. But it was an active choice and decision. It started with taking my thoughts captive and followed with thanking God OUTLOUD and starting to make some powerful declarations over myself and my day. 

You can do the same. 

If you don't know where to start with making outloud declarations, get yourself a copy of I AM SO MANY THINGS, which contains 120 biblically based, illustrated declarations to help you on your journey of taking thoughts captive, speaking truth and being transformed. 

Or for a quick morning reminder, get yourselves one of our Fine Bone China Declaration mugs - with 14 different declarations down the inside of the mug, you will drink in bitesize nuggets of truth with every sip. 

Love Thea x