Dear gorgeous I Am So Many Things friends, followers and family. 
Thank you so much for your faithfulness, purchases and encouragements, I am so grateful for them all. 
I have got some NEWS to share with you all: 
I believe it is time for me to step back from I Am So Many Things for a season. 
‘All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable. 
All things are lawful, but not all things edify.’ 1 Corinthians 10:23
As many of you might now, I am pregnant with our fourth child. Last weekend my waters broke unexpectedly at 33 weeks. So we may have a baby a little sooner than expected! Or he may hang on in there until the end. God knows and we trust Him. 
Either way, I sense it is time to step back for a season, primarily to seek God and learn how to pray and love Him more. But also to nurture a wee one and the other bigger ones in this time. 
I have worked through my previous three births, with many a one-handed feed, one-handed customer service email reply! It has been a blessing and I wouldn’t change it, but this time I want to do it differently.
Sometimes God forces us to rest. An unexpected stay in hospital this week has forced me to be still, to go slow, to listen and to lay down the ‘To Do’ list. And I am reminded that Jesus is the best and ONE THING is needed - to seek Him first and know that everything else will follow, in its right order.
I expect that after this season, I shall be back, bigger and better. As when we seek God there is fruit and creativity and revelation and all that He wants to give us. And we can’t contain it. But we will see, I hold it all lightly. And want to follow His lead. May His will be done.
In the meantime, there is stock for sale and a few bills to be tied up! So if you would like to and are able to, please stock up your present drawers, buy early for Christmas and share the news with any friends. 
I will hold a sight-wide sale of 20% off, to make things as affordable as possible. For a couple of days this will only be available for you, our trusted newsletter readers! So use the code WELCOMEBABY! to access the 20% off pre-sale and get first dibs. 
We have our brand new True Identity Course, design-your-own cover edition, which you can buy in bulk for friends, family, church and small groups. 
We have a batch of mugs, with some of our special edition red and green Christmassy ones! 
We also have lots of colouring books and Broken Pieces story books, which are a great present for those who are on a journey of faith, or children of unbelieving parents, where you want to sow faith and truth, but have to tread more gently around the ‘God stuff’. 
So go wild, be blessed and please pray for us and our family - that we will meet with God in a special way in this season and be equipped and envisioned for all that is ahead. 
Much love
Thea x
PS. I am still working out what stepping back looks like, so bare with me. You will hear from my team in the lead up to Christmas and when things bubble up that I want to share, I may write some blogs or posts too. The website will be live, so if there is stuff to sell, you will be able to buy it! But please be patient with enquiries.