I am unoffendable

Hello Everyone!

This weekend Dom and I will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary, interestingly, on the same day that Tiger was due to be born! She decided to come a couple of months early, but is safe and well and a gorgeous blessing to our family. So we will be celebrating her too! 

Reflecting back on our years of marriage thus far, one thing I am grateful for is becoming less easily offended! I realise that many of the more difficult moments in our early married life stemmed from selfishness that could easily lead to offence. For example on my first birthday that we celebrated together, Dom organised a lovely dinner, but in my eyes, failed to realise that a birthday should include a birthday breakfast, lunch and tea, with lots more special things in between. And I ended up in an emotional tizz! (check out this week's video all about being 'unoffendable' here).

Praise the Lord for the refining journey of walking with Jesus, where, if we give Him permission, He will kindly expose our sin, prune our unfruitful branches and lead us into greater freedom and joy! With every birthday I have become less self focussed and had a better and better time! 

Knowing our identity in Christ continues to transform our marriage each day and will do the same for you in your relationships too. As we walk more confidently in the truth and the light we are able to love each other from a place of increased wholeness. 

Our healthy DO comes from a healthy WHO and our internal world will become our external reality. So to experience abundant life, you will want to allow God to do a transformative work from the inside out. 

Do you find yourself baffled by your identity, wondering ‘Who am I?, What am I here for? What is my destiny and calling? Do you find yourself easily offended or upset by how others treat you? Do you want to grow spiritually but don’t know how?

If so, that's great and I'd like to encourage you to grab yourself a copy of the self-administered True Identity Course today, while our January Sale is still on and begin to walk in the fullness of who God made you to be. 

Love Thea x