Don’t you think life would be so much easier if all your ducks were in a row, things were under control and predictable, and money was never a issue?!

Sometimes I wish life were easy. But I have realised recently that ‘easy’ isn’t where true life is. Trusting Jesus is where full, abundant, joy-filled, peaceful life is. And that can be in the midst of things that are far from easy! 

I have also had the stark and freeing reminder that Jesus didn’t die to make our life ‘work’, He died that we may become like Him and learn to love in every situation. When we give our lives to Jesus we give up our rights to life our way, our rights, our agenda. All of that dies with Christ, and then we rise again with Him, as new creations, washed, forgiven, with a God-given identity, power and authority. The latter is way better than the former. Its a total upgrade, but are we willing to let go of control?

Those who try and hold onto their lives will lose them. But those who surrender all to Jesus and follow Him will gain everything. (Matthew 16:25) Its a topsy turvy kingdom and a great adventure. But it ain’t easy! 

My prayer for us all this week is that we embrace trusting and relying on God rather than fighting against it. It is a blessing to need to rely on God, not a curse. It is an invitation into fullness of life!

God, we are sorry for trying to control everything. Forgive our restless and fearful ways and help us trust you like children again. Amen. 

Love Thea x