What are you hungry for? Are you spiritually hungry or are you satisfied with scrolling and the things of the world? Our appetites are extremely powerful as we will follow them. 
I have recently listened to a few talks that have sparked my hunger for God again in a beautiful way and I want to invite you into the same. So I will be exploring this topic over the next few weeks. Stay tuned! 
For years I didn’t eat sugar. And the funny thing was that over time I ceased to crave it. I genuinely preferred a piece of fruit to cakes and biscuits. And I would actively crave healthy things rather than the sugary stuff that had previously filled my desire. Since starting to eat sugar again, I notice I will desire it, in ways that I did not for years. 
The same is true with our spiritual appetites. The more we spend time with God and read His word, the more we will have a hunger to do so. And the more we will actively miss Him and crave His presence when we go without it. 
If you are out of the habit of spending time with God, that initial change of ‘diet’ has to be an intentional one. It doesn’t come easily. Your flesh will not FEEL like doing it. The other things that you are used to filling your time and soul with will shout for your attention and feasting. But if you persevere in setting aside that time, your appetite will change. 
One of the most powerful prayers you can pray is ‘God make me hungry for you’ 
I dare you to pray it today and partner with Him in shifting those appetites! 
Love Thea x
Looking for Intimacy with God?
This talk has really blessed me this week. Learn from John Bevere about drawing near to God. 

Want to dive back into God’s word but don’t know where to start? Our Journalling Bible is a great way to interact with the Bible in a different way, with plenty of space in the margins for drawing, doodling and notes. And little prompts and challenges dotted throughout the pages to get you thinking.