I am held by God

Hello Everyone,

What do you do when things get tough? Do you pray, call a friend, try and distract yourself?

Let me encourage you, in the midst of struggle, to take time to actively remember testimonies of God’s faithfullness. You will be amazed as you suddenly realise how He has clearly been holding you all along. And guess what, faith will build that He is able to carry you through this valley too. 

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In the Old Testament, there are many examples of the Israelites building altars at sites where God had performed a miracle. God often instructed them to do so, to remind them to tell their children and grandchildren about how He had delivered them. 

There isn’t much space in the middle of the city to casually whip up a stone altar. But in our hearts and journals we can intentionally take stock of what God has done for us, to build our faith in times of trouble. 

As a family we have a ‘Book of Testimonies’ where we write down little miracles we have experienced. Our children are too young to remember or understand them now, but when they are older they will be able to read these testimonies of how God has taken care of us all along. 

Love Thea x