Have you got niggles, aches and pains? Do you feel afraid of sickness? Do you find yourself googling symptoms and getting in a tizz? Are you struggling with the ageing process?

I am currently pregnant with our fourth child, which is a great joy and privilege. But growing a human is no small feat and can come with its own host of anxieties. However, God’s word over worry and fear is quite clear! We are to turn from it and cast our cares on Him.

Faith isn’t denying that a problem exists, but denying it a place of influence over your heart, mind and life. God doesn’t ask us to bury our heads in the sand, but does invite us to believe and know that His word is more true than some ‘facts’, symptoms or diagnoses that daunt or even, torment us.

In the face of all sorts of scary symptoms, we can stand on the word of God that He is good, sickness, disease and pain were all dealt with at the cross and we CAN receive fullness of healing and health through Christ. 

Below is a video of a whole bunch of healing scriptures being read aloud. If you are in any sort of battle or fear over health, I encourage you to listen to them again and again. Let your mind be renewed. Let your thoughts be filled with the word of God and let it breed faith and displace fear. 

Whenever fear has really come to call over my life or someone else’s my favourite verse to declare is;

I shall not die, but surely live and declare the works of the Lord. Psalm 118:17

Tragedies happen, people die prematurely, faithful prayer warriors battle with ailments for their whole life. Is life mysterious and much of it out of our control? Yes. But do we have a very real responsibility to partner with faith or fear? YES! 

I am not saying it is easy, or that I have managed this. But faith pleases God and it comes by HEARING the word. So fill your airwaves this week with the healing word of God and receive life and faith into every cell of your body. 

Love Thea x