I am grateful for where I am right now

Hello everyone

From the exhausted fog of life with little ones its easy to think 'life will be easier when they are older'. Yet I speak to parents of teenagers who long for the toddler years again, when at least they knew where their children were and could understand their simple needs and emotions. 

I know many single friends who long for marriage and a family. And I know people in marriages who look back dreamily on days of autonomy and independence. 

The age old phrase 'the grass is greener on the other side' can so easily ring true when things are tough. But the other version 'the grass is greener where we water it' is even truer. 

When we learn to take our thoughts captive, nipping lies in the bud and intentionally replacing them with God's truth, we will find ourselves in a well watered garden, brimming with life. A garden that will bring others to marvel and want to know the Gardener. 

Your Heavenly Father loves you so much and is with you whatever stage of life you are in. He cares, He hears and He has fullness of life for you, right there, right now through Jesus. 

Green grass doesn't come from circumstance but from the state of our internal world. And through Jesus, we can be storm sleepers, at rest and victorious in even the most adverse circumstances. It isn't easy, but it's possible and it's golden. 

Lord please deal with our hearts. Search out every stinky mindset, every bit of grumbling, complaining, comparison, self pity and resentment and lead us in your ways of righteousness, gratitude, trust and victory instead.

Love Thea x