Are you prone to procrastination? Do you find yourself putting off the things that you most need to do? Do you hate it but don’t know how to change? I have wasted too much of my life putting things off. But a recent realisation has really helped me to put an axe to the root of a lie that kept me procrastinating for too long! 
For too long I beloved the lie that putting it off would make the job easier. It doesn’t! The only thing that makes it easier is facing it, one step at a time, biting off tiny chunks at a time and trusting that God is with you in the process. 
Eat the frog today. It won’t be easier tomorrow. (The frog being the thing that jumps from yesterday’s to-do list to today’s, to tomorrow’s).
This week's 'frog', for me, has been getting our Christmas Gift Sets up on our website. Finally, I had a feast-o-frog and we are now ready to share our Christmas offering with you. So do please come Christmas shopping! 
Love Thea x