Despite my best attempts at keeping our garden under control, our landlord is not impressed and has had to send in the special forces! 

I didn’t think it was THAT bad. Until Terry got to work and I have seen it looking really good! The flower beds are hardly recognisable. I had no idea it could look so good, so clean. Ivy, brambles and other miscellaneous plants had been running wild. I didn’t even know it was possible to uproot some of the things growing there. I had dipped my fingers in, got thoroughly scratched, nearly put my back out with tugging and then backed off! 

I think it can be similar with our hearts and thought life. Many of us muddle along for years carrying all sorts of baggage. We don’t realise quite how bad things are until we somehow taste of something different. Sometimes this light is shone by being around someone who is carrying real freedom. Sometimes its after experiencing some deliverance, realising how much lighter you feel and recognising what a heavy load you have been carrying. Sometimes it is by reading the Bible and God using it as a spotlight, to show up the areas where your experience of life is something quite different. 

The original I Am So Many Things book of declarations works in a similar way- showing you many things about who God says you are and challenging you to say them aloud. Some will be easy to receive and speak. Others will get stuck in your throat and quickly point you to areas where you have been believing lies. Embrace the pruning phase and don’t be afraid of the declarations that are hard to take. They are just pointers to your next area of freedom and upgrade. 

If you want to combine some declarations, reflective journaling challenges and the undiluted word of God, get a copy of our I Am So Many Things Journalling Bible, where you have all of those things in one place. 

Let God garden the soil of your heart, pull out the brambles and give you taste of how free you can really be! It is worth the journey. 

Love Thea x