Last week, a wonderful birthday weekend spilled into 24 hours away on a Gospel Entrepeneurs gathering. 3 hours driving to get there felt like a retreat all on its own - no snacks to doll out, no fights to break up, no ‘are we nearly there yet’, just silence and space to pray and think. Incredible! 

I then joined 48 others for an intensive day of encouragement, teaching, connecting and prayer. It was great to be a part of it and really got the cogs whirring. 

My favourite nuggets were;

1. Dream. Most successful businesses start with a dream or a vision. So don’t squash your dreams. But rather listen to your dreams and make time to dream bigger. 

2. Fear of failure is a killer. ‘Fail faster to succeed sooner’. Fear of failure can leave us paralysed, like a rabbit in the headlights and we end up doing NOTHING. But if you are willing to just give it a try, be OK with ‘failing’ then you will learn some lessons and be ready to get up, make some tweaks and go again. And will definitely be closer to success than if you haven’t taken a single step. 

3. Risk Taking. Willingness to go to the unknown is key with entrepeneurship. You never know unless you go! 

4. Passion. A good sign is if you are willing to do what you are dreaming about without being paid. Passion for the dream will provide far more motivation than simply working for a paycheck. 

5. Perseverance. Most businesses experience a period of death and fallowness and need to persevere. Don't be shocked if you go through a rough time and it looks like all is lost. It is normal! 

5. Plan. Plan well and commit your plans to God. Don't expect God to do all the planning and just tell you what to do. Enter into the process with Him and let Him guide you. It is easier to steer a moving ship. As we plan and move, God can clearly guide, shut doors, open others and change our plans. But it is good to get started and give Him something to work with! 

6. Return to the Bible. Finally and most importantly, come running back to Jesus. Munch on Psalm 19:7-14. Be reminded that God and His word is the source of all wisdom and where you will find answers. 

'The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple'. Psalm 19:7

God can do extraordinary things through us if we start with the fear of the Lord and godly wisdom. 

For all other Jesus-centred entrepeneurs out there, do check out Gospel Entrepeneurs - www.gospelentrepreneurs.org - and see if you can access some help in bringing your dreams to life. 

It is so helpful to be connected to others on a similar journey and receive input in the areas you may be feeling stuck or isolated. 

Love Thea x