Are you burnt out and weary in your faith? Have you been trying to walk the walk for years and are jaded and wanting to quit? Are you going through the motions but have lost your fire, yearning and zeal for God?

Congratulations for holding on in there, even without all the ‘feels’! But be encouraged that there is so much more available for you. We can have as much of God as we want! 

Linked below is a funny and powerful talk from Michael Kulianos, a church leader in Florida. He tells a story about how as a young pastor he was burnt out and discouraged. And after seeing so few people saved or healed he joked to his staff that they should change their church slogan to ‘If you want to stay sick and stay a sinner, we are a church for you’, or call their church ‘Miracle Free Christian Centre’. 

He went on a spiritual quest, seeking wisdom from different godly people and they all told him the same thing - ‘You need to meet Jesus’. He was already saved, so didn’t get it. But after multiple times of the same advice, he took it and pursued God with all he had. Sure enough he soon met with God in an extraordinary way and has never been the same again. And now has an enormous church and school, which he says is merely an extension of his personal intimacy with God. 

Intimacy with Jesus is what will change us and empower us to walk in a godly way. We cannot do it just by grit and determination of trying to be a ‘good Christian’, without really knowing and loving Jesus. But when we meet with Jesus intimately and regularly we cannot help but be changed. 

Lord please remove the complexity from our lives and make it about you again. We want to know and love you and be changed by you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Love Thea x