There is nothing quite like having children to show you the power you have to influence another life. Children are master mimickers, so all of a sudden your behaviour and habits are mirrored back to you, in a sometimes thoroughly uncomfortable way. 

Sometimes I hear Redemption ordering Esther around in a way that is rather similar to how I have talked to him at times. It is painful to witness, but when taken to the Lord can be a really helpful opportunity for reflection, repentance and growth. 

(Whenever we are showed parts of our character that we don’t really like we should run to the cross. Resist the condemnation that wants to come flooding in. Remember that you are righteous, forgiven, and pleasing to God, through the blood of Jesus. And from that place joyfully repent. Your sin doesn’t make you any less lovable to God. And owning it will only help you to grow and become ever more beautiful and free.) 

On the flip side, there are some beautiful things that I have watched our children copy. And that is a glorious encouragement. Hear a sweet story of how Redemption picked most of the flowers in our garden, in an attempt to copy Dom giving me a bunch of flowers.

The power of life and death are in your tongue and you will eat the fruit of it. Use your tongue to set the course of your life and those under your influence on a godly path. Use your words to speak life and truth. Model to your children what it is to speak God’s word over yourself and your circumstances everyday, because they will end up copying you. Seeds sown will not be wasted, even if they seem to be buried for a long time.

Although children are our most avid disciples, this does not apply to parents alone. Flatmates, friends, pupils, others in the workplace, will all be affected by the atmosphere you carry and the overflow of what comes out of your mouth. So wherever you are, speak truth and life. 

The mouth speaks out of the overflow of the heart. So words that carry real power are birthed in the heart, not just bolted on externally in an attempt to be holy. But often heart change starts with an intentional decision to change the things that we have been believing and the tape that our tongues have been playing for too long. 

If you haven’t already got a copy, get yourself an I Am So Many Things book of declarations today. 120 illustrated declarations to help you rewrite your heart and tongue tapes in accordance with God’s word and will. 

This book has been a blessing to many and will be for you too. 

Love Thea x