Do you know how powerful your words are? They quite literally shape your world. And they start as a thought. 


‘Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.’ Proverbs 18:21


Buy a Declaration Print today and get the second one free. Read the declarations outloud each morning and start using your tongue to bring life! 


On the topic of fruit, this week’s declaration is I am a healthy eater. 


Motherhood can take it’s toll on diet and general fitness levels. (But you do gain some arm strength!) The other day my mind was wandering, contemplating these things and a thought flitted across my conscience. 'Maybe I am not a healthy eater anymore. Maybe it’s a different phase.’ You know how in an instant your mind has whizzed ahead. Well I was picturing my plate with ever less greenery and ever more white, easy food, and thinking ‘maybe this is my lot’. 


But NO! I spotted that little thought and nipped it in the bud- chopped it off in it’s infancy. I am a healthy eater. I do look after my body. I make good food choices. I am not lazy and I am not a victim to what my children will and will not eat


By simply spotting the thought and choosing to replace a lie with a truth, I have noticed my diet already change for the better in just a week. Simple decisions to have a piece of fruit rather than an easy, packaged snack. Why? Because in those moments I remember the declaration ‘I am a healthy eater. I make good choices, not just convenient ones.’ And the simple act of rehearsing that truth changed my course of behaviour. 


That is one small example of how our thought life affects our world. 


Get your world on the right track today by beginning to think what God thinks about you and say what He says about you. 


Get yourself a declaration print today to put a mark in the sand that you are a person of truth, who is partnering with what God says over your life.


Love Thea X