Do you know that you are an atmosphere changer? You are a portal to heaven, a city on a hill, Christ-carrier. God in you can cause people to be healed and set free when you just walk into the room. You are powerful to the measure that you realise who you carry inside you. 
Our homes are the place where we have the most authority to set the atmosphere and I have had a growing desire recently to invest in making our house a place of peace, nurture, rest, order, honour and love. A secure base for us all to go out from and come back to. 
Now the majority of these are spiritual realities that can’t be attained by just painting the walls a new colour. But as with most spiritual principles, there is a physical outworking too. ‘Faith without works is dead’. So I have been working on both the spiritual foundations and the physical ‘clutter’ at the same time. 
With three young children and running I Am So Many Things, homemaking hasn't been the main priority over the last few years, so this new drive has definitely had its growing pains! 
This week’s video is about my first epic fail on the physical interiors side of things. I hope it encourages you, or at least makes you laugh! 
Love Thea x