Burn some jumpers

Never underestimate the familiarity of lies. Lies are comfortable, old friends. Like an old, woolly jumper that you have had for 10 years. It fits, it has holes, you love it, you take it everywhere. Lies often feel more true than the truth, which is precisely why you live with them and serve them day after day. When a syrupy lie is whispered in your ear it is in some cases not even a temptation to accept it, merely a clinging to the familiar, the justifier (of lifestyles, behaviour) which might feel nice but nevertheless hold you prisoner, rob and destroy from your destiny and those who come under your influence. 

Lies must be violently exposed by the light of God's word, repented of, renounced, expelled and replaced intentionally, actively with new, at first uncomfortable, awkward truths. Burn some jumpers. Truth which is replacing a well-trodden (mental) path of falsehood will almost be repulsive at first. It might even make you gag, offend you. Truth usually offends before it sets free. There will be a cry that says, "This just doesn't fit. I don't believe it!" But what if it doesn't fit merely because you have worn the old, tired lie for so long that any alternative is a break away from the familiar that you would, well, simply, rather not take on? 

This is your choice. I encourage you to see your thought life as worship. Repentance is thanksgiving to Jesus, right-appreciation for Calvary. The renewed mind is sustained repentance. Taking lies captive daily to the obedience of truth is standard Christianity. Why? Because the gospel works from the inside out. The power of the New Covenant is less what would Jesus do (#WWJD) but what would Jesus believe? The life you live is a direct reflection on the thoughts and beliefs you have adopted and embraced about who you are and who God is. Our behaviour is a direct manifestation of our belief system. Our "do" always flows from our "who". 

We are not transformed by trying to change our behaviour we are transformed from the inside out, by changing our thinking, heart transformations, so that God can change our behaviour. But we very much partner in the process. As Dallas Willard writes, “We don't believe something by merely saying we believe it, or even when we believe that we believe it. We believe something when we act as if it were true.” I believe there are people reading this who will begin to take off old tired jerseys, sweaters, dresses and exchange them for royal robes. Embrace the process with the Lord as He leads you. May the truth set you free