Captivate Your Children And Teach Them About Jesus 

Do you want to train your children in the way they should go, so that when they are older they don't depart from it? 

As a parent this is one of my deepest hearts desires, but sometimes it's hard to know where to start.

Here are some resources that have blessed me recently.

Prayer Storm

These guys are training children to pray, worship, pray in the spirit and even lead their own prayer meetings. Its awesome. I have been blessed tuning in to their children prayer meetings and know that it is a powerful witness for children to see other children praying and worshipping, rather than just the adults. So tune in to model new depths of the spirit to your children.

They also have a kids prayer conference coming up in June, in Manchester, which will be powerful. 

Easter Story - J John 

This is a lovely book and great Easter gift for your children or others that don’t know Jesus.

 There is also a ten minute video version

Treehouse Schoolhouse 

These guys have produced a beautiful family syllabus to lead you up to Easter. It is late in the game to do pre-Easter, but you could work through it over the Easter holidays, or for next year. It will give you crafts, recipes, bible verses, poems and songs to enjoy together. Apart from their seasonal specific packs, they also have resources for children to memorise scripture, practise handwriting while learning bible verses and other great God-centred educational activities.

I Am So Many Things Colouring Book


This is a great way to introduce your children to their true identity and the habit of speaking truth over themselves. As they colour, they will become familiar with 20 core truths of who God says they are. A great refresher during the Easter Holidays, to wash away any lies they may have picked up at school and root them again in God’s truth and delight over them.