USA Freedom Tour

We have some exciting news! Thea, Dom and little Redemption (our baby boy) are coming to America for 3 months from March 1st to the end of May 2019. Our plan is to land in New York and then head south and west through DC, Virginia down to Florida, across to Texas and finish up in California, although we are VERY open to divinely inspired detours. We have hired an RV and are looking to tour churches, youth groups, schools, Mum's groups (etc) with I Am So Many Things; sharing our journeys in the whole area of identity.

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After struggling with eating disorders for many years Thea has a huge value for authenticity and deeply desires to see people set free from shame, to become the fullest and freest versions of themselves. I Am So Many Things came out the breaking and remaking that God did in Thea's life in the vital area of identity. Emerging out of habits of mask-wearing and performance, Thea called to God to show her who she really was. One by one she amassed a list of “I am” statements that she would speak over herself daily. The beautiful books, colouring books, fine bone china mugs, prints and cards are just some of the fruit that have been transforming people's lives all over the world.

Thea and Dom have much experience ministering this message (see endorsements at the bottom of the page) at church’s, schools, youth groups and on television channels. We have seen God do wonderful things in people’s lives. On top of speaking, where possible we will have a pop up store where we can sell our beautiful resources which have served as a huge blessing and follow up resource for people of all ages. Please do pass on our details (email: to any person, group, church, school, radio or television station whom you think would be suitable! We hope to be salt and light amidst a tide of confusion and deception about identity in the world today. More than ever now is the time for truth to set the captives free!

Hosting options

Morning/Afternoon/Evening Gathering

(suggested agenda, between 2 and 4 hours)

·      Breakfast/lunch/dinner/coffee

·      Worship (depending on setting)

·      Thea’s story and the birth of ‘I am so many things’

·      Group time: going through the book together in small groups

·      Testimonies (with ministry and praise depending on setting)


Day Conference

(suggested agenda, 9-5pm)

·      Tea/coffee

·      9:30: Worship (depending on setting)

·      10:00 ish: Thea’s story and the birth of ‘I am so many things’

·      11:00 Tea/coffee break

·      11:30: Message “How does God see us in Christ?” (Thea and or Dominic with his story)

·      Ministry time or Feedback (depending on setting)

·      1:00pm: Lunch

·      2:00pm Message: “The power of our thoughts and speech” (Thea and or Dominic)

·      3:00pm Group time: going through the book together in small groups

·      4:00pm Testimonies (with ministry and praise depending on setting)

·      Finish at 5pm

We suggest a speaking fee of £200/$260 (Morning/Afternoon/Evening) and £400/$520 (for the Day conference). We would also like to have a pop up store where we can sell our beautiful resources which have served as a huge blessing and follow up resource for people of all ages. We can provide worship from a sound system if you cannot provide a band.  We also encourage partnership with other churches or home groups to widen the reach and impact of our visit.

Please contact to discuss more.

We are very excited to partner with you in the freeing of God’s people!

Many thanks,

Thea and Dominic 

What people are saying:

“I’m delighted to commend Dom and Thea to you.  They have wonderful, faithful, Gospel centred and hearted ministries.  Thea has spoken to women’s gatherings here and inspired with the creative gifts she’s using in the Lord’s service and Dom preached here about a year ago and brings such passion, rigour and faithfulness to preaching God’s Word.  They are a great gift to the church and I believe their ministry is prophetic and timely.  I wholly commend them to you.”
Revd Richard Lloyd

Vicar, St Mary's East Molesey, London

Interim Priest-in-Charge, St Peter’s West Molesey

“The Lord truly shines through Dominic and Thea. Fabulous - an inspiration to us all!”

Anne Dawson

Revelation TV

“There is a clear connection between declarations and the release of power. With I Am So Many Things, Thea and Dominic are leading a charge that is fun, beautiful, but also full of weighty truths. Let these declarations wash over you, confirming your royal identity in Christ!”

Bill Johnson 

Bethel Church, Redding, CA 

Author of God is Good and When Heaven Invades Earth

“This book could become a catalyst to an entire movement.”

Kris Vallotton 

Bethel Church, Redding, CA 

Author of Moral Revolution and Heavy Rain


“I love this little book. And the mugs – bone China! Wonderful for all ages.”

Beni Johnson

Author of The Happy Intercessor, Healthy and Free and The Joy of Intercession

“Dom and Thea are an inspirational couple who God is evidentially using to speak truth through right into the hearts of those that hear their message. We have had them to speak at our church, both at a Sunday service and a Women’s night and the feedback was great. People responded well to the message and everyone was left inspired but also challenged and certainly moved in their faith. I can not recommend them more highly as speakers for your church.”

Laetitia Allen

Director, Women’s Ministry

St Mary's East Molesey, London

“Thea spoke at our Ladies breakfast meeting in 2018. She communicated her personal story with warmth, humour and honesty with a strong gospel message. The room of women, were moved with laughter and conviction in a beautiful way. Welcoming Thea to speak was a great blessing to the whole church and one which we are confident left a mark on the lives of all those who came.  

Dom came to speak at one of our Open House Sundays, a gospel service. Dom brings his passion for souls as an evangelist into the pulpit, compelling hearts to respond to Jesus. What marks Dom’s gospel preaching is genuine affection towards the listener; love for the lost exudes from his ministry and hearts are drawn to our Saviour. 

We wholeheartedly endorse the ministry that Dom and Thea carry, we believe they are an anointed, prophetic and creative couple and would highly recommend you inviting them to speak at your church or school.”

Jonny and Kizzy Dee

Associate Pastors

Bromley Town Church