Girl's Book, Colouring Book and 12 Coloured Pencils

Girl's Book, Colouring Book and 12 Coloured Pencils


In this blessing filled gift set you will find our iconic girl’s book, our fun packed colouring book (ideal for both adults and children) and a pack of 12 short colouring pencils.

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Our girls book is jam packed with good seeds for your friend or family member to plant in their heart. Seeds of truth about who God says they are, to water daily and watch grow! Suitable for ages 3 – 120 

We then added our colouring book, designed so that as you colour in each declaration you have even more time to chew on it and let it sink deep into your heart. As we and our children let these truths take root in our hearts, surprise, surprise that is what will come out of our mouths- in the playground, to our friends, at the dinner table. ‘Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks’. Matthew 12:34

The gift set is completed with a set of 12 short colouring pencils, presented in a fun tube with handy pencil sharpener lid.

When creating our gift sets we started to think about our planet and the huge burden placed upon it by unnecessary packaging, so instead of using plastic materials and boxing our gift sets, we have chosen to send you a beautiful biodegradable gift bag to make your gift ready for giving, while being kind to the planet.