Boy's Book and Good Idea Print Boy's A4 Framed

Boy's Book and Good Idea Print Boy's A4 Framed


This gift set is perfect to encourage the boys and men in your life to see themselves the way that God see them.

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With our boy’s book of good seeds to plant in their hearts, seeds of truth about who God says they are, to water daily and watch grow! Suitable for ages 3 – 120. 

And a God’s Very Good Idea framed, A4 print to remind them that God thought them up carefully and intricately and designed them for a special purpose and a special time in history. They are His VERY good idea! He didn’t make a single mistake when he made them and He loves them just the way they are.

When creating our gift sets we started to think about our planet and the huge burden placed upon it by unnecessary packaging, so instead of using plastic materials and boxing our gift sets, we have chosen to send you a beautiful biodegradable gift bag to make your gift ready for giving, while being kind to the planet.