I Am Outrageously Loved and I Am A Joy Bringer Mug Set

I Am Outrageously Loved and I Am A Joy Bringer Mug Set


This set of mugs will bring love and joy into the life of the receiver and whoever they share a cup of tea or coffee with.

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‘I Am Outrageously Loved’ Mug

Our Outrageously Loved mug will remind them that God thought them up before the world was created, knows every hair on their head and sent His only son to die in their place, so that they can be reconciled into relationship with Him. This fine bone china mug will continually remind them just how outrageously God loves them! 

'I Am A Joy Bringer' Mug

Smiling is the most contagious thing in the world and laughter can actually make sick people better, this mug will help your friend or loved one start breaking depression, healing the sick and shifting atmospheres in their office, home or friendship group.

Mug size: 13cm x 9cm x 9cm. Dishwasher safe

When creating our gift sets we started to think about our planet and the huge burden placed upon it by unnecessary packaging, so instead of using plastic materials and boxing our gift sets, we have chosen to send you a beautiful biodegradable gift bag to make your gift ready for giving, while being kind to the planet.