As you may be aware, very soon, we be launching our NEW True Identity Course, which is based upon 12 biblical declarations, unpacked and imparted to help you build core strength in the area of your true identity in Christ.  

We are so excited about our course, we have decided to take it on tour, this summer...we want to meet and minister to as many people as possible and would love to visit your church or group.  

No group or venue is too big or too small...just book early to avoid disappointment!! We could run an evening session/half day meeting or a full day meeting where we will share our testimonies, introduce the idea of stepping into your true identity in Christ through biblically based, life affirming declaration. We can also offer a 2 day conference, where we will facilitate the full True Identity course for you.

The course is suitable for all ages and people at all stages of their faith journey. We can tailor sessions for believers, unbelievers or a mix of both. And different age groups from children, through teens, young adults, adults and seniors, or mixed age groups.

As a rough guide, an event will start with worship and then Thea will give her testimony of coming out of eating disorders and Dom will give his testimony of coming out of other addictions (including porn and sexual brokenness when appropriate for the audience).

Then we will introduce, the power of words, the power of agreement, the important of taking our thought lives captive and finally the powerful practice of declaration and how this can set us free to be the fullest and freest person that God has created us to be.

Depending on the length of our time with you, we will encourage small group times, declaration practice and ministry times.

It's difficult to put a blanket cost on sessions, as each will be different, but as we come as 2 ministers (Thea and Dom) we propose the following:

  • Small church or group (up to about 25 people): £250 evening/half day, £500 full day, £1,000 for 2 days
  • Large church or group: £500 half day, £800 full day, £1500 for 2 days
  • If you feel like a medium group we can discuss meeting in the middle.
  • We would appreciate also an offering been taken up (over and above fees) to help seed our mission.
We'd really like encourage smaller church's or home groups joining forces.
If you are interested in having us come to your church or group, to introduce the topic of true identity, please contact Dom for more details