So our US tour is nearing its end and as we spend our last few days in Redding, CA (where our American journey began, just over a year ago). We have been blown away by the way you have welcomed us into your churches, groups, homes and most humbling, hearts. We have been awestruck by the way our Father God has been with us every step of the way and humbled by the way he has touched His sons and daughters through our mission and message of hope and redemption.

So UK, it is now your turn, we are aiming to tour the length and breadth of our nation, from July through to the end of September and we want to visit as many churches, youth groups, schools, mum's groups, home groups, in fact any gathering, however big or small, to share our journey in the area of identity.  We are firming up our plans, so It’s not too late to arrange to have us visit your Church or group! 

So far have a draft itinerary (see below), but we are expecting many more divinely inspired detours along the way.

 UK TOUR 2019


New Life Christian Church, Hove - 13th July

HTB Focus, Dorset - 25th to 30th July


Jesus Fields - 8th to 13th August -

David's Tent, Sussex - 23rd to 26th August -

Kings Arms Church, Bedford - 13th September


We are continually firming up venues and dates and have many more discussions on the go than are listed above, so keep watching this space. We are always open to any new divine appointments, so please contact us if you'd like us to visit.




If you think that your church or group would benefit from hearing about our identity journey and learning about how to move into true identity in God, please scroll down to see more about what we can offer or feel free to contact Dom at for an informal discussion.

 We are very excited to partner with you in joyfully setting people free! No gathering is too big or too small.


Thea and Dominic  xx


After struggling with eating disorders for many years Thea has a huge value for authenticity and deeply desires to see people set free from shame, to become the fullest and freest versions of themselves. I Am So Many Things came out the breaking and remaking that God did in Thea's life in the vital area of identity. Emerging out of habits of mask-wearing and performance, Thea called to God to show her who she really was. One by one she amassed a list of “I am” statements that she would speak over herself daily. The beautiful books, colouring books, fine bone china mugs, prints and cards are just some of the fruit that have been transforming people's lives all over the world.


Thea and Dom have much experience ministering this message at church’s, schools, youth groups and on television channels (Revelation TV). We have seen God do wonderful things in people’s lives. On top of speaking, where possible we will have a pop up store where we can sell our beautiful resources which have served as a huge blessing and follow up resource for people of all ages. Please do pass on our details (email: to any person, group, church, school, radio or television station whom you think would be suitable! We hope to be salt and light amidst a tide of confusion and deception about identity in the world today. More than ever now is the time for truth to set the captives free!


“There is a clear connection between declarations and the release of power. With I Am So Many Things, Thea and Dominic have created a product that is fun, beautiful, but also full of weighty truths. Let these declarations wash over you, confirming your royal identity in Christ!”

Bill Johnson (Bethel Church, Redding, CA) 

Author of God is Good and When Heaven Invades Earth

 “I’m delighted to commend Dom and Thea to you.  They have wonderful, faithful, Gospel centred and hearted ministries.  Thea has spoken to women’s gatherings here and inspired with the creative gifts she’s using in the Lord’s service and Dom preached here about a year ago and brings such passion, rigour and faithfulness to preaching God’s Word.  They are a great gift to the church and I believe their ministry is prophetic and timely.  I wholly commend them to you.”

Revd Richard Lloyd (Vicar, St Mary's East Molesey, London)


“The Lord truly shines through Dominic and Thea. Fabulous - an inspiration to us all!”

Anne Dawson (Revelation TV)

 “This book could become a catalyst to an entire movement.”

Kris Vallotton (Bethel Church, Redding, CA) 

Author of Moral Revolution and Heavy Rain

 “I love this little book. And the mugs – bone China! Wonderful for all ages.”

Beni Johnson (Author of The Happy Intercessor, Healthy and Free and The Joy of Intercession)



We are very happy with every sort of ministry from simply setting up our stall at your service, gathering or group and chatting informally to those who are inspired by our message, to speaking at at services or groups to running formal half day / day workshops. The main thing for us, is that we want to touch as many people as possible with God's glorious message of freedom.
For an idea of more formal bookings please see outlines below, however, please do not feel restricted by these. We are opening to discussion any form of involvement so please do contact us.

(Suggested agenda, between 2 and 4 hours)


Worship (depending on setting)

Thea’s story and the birth of ‘I am so many things’

Group time: going through the book together in small groups

Testimonies (with ministry and praise depending on setting)



(Suggested agenda, 9-5pm)


·      9:30: Worship (depending on setting)

·      10:00 ish: Thea’s story and the birth of ‘I am so many things’11:00 Tea/coffee break

·      11:30: Message “How does God see us in Christ?” Thea and/or Dominic

·      Ministry time or Feedback (depending on setting)

1:00pm: Lunch

·      2:00pm Message: “The power of our thoughts and speech” Thea and/or Dom

·      3:00pm Group time: going through the book together in small groups

·      4:00pm Testimonies (with ministry and praise depending on setting)

Finish at 5pm

We suggest a speaking fee of £200/$260 (Morning/Afternoon/Evening) and £400/$520 (for the Day conference). We would also like to have a pop up store where we can sell our beautiful resources which have served as a huge blessing and follow up resource for people of all ages. We can provide worship from a sound system if you cannot provide a band.  We also encourage partnership with other churches or home groups to widen the reach and impact of our visit.

Please contact to discuss more.