Chris Gore does #sixtysecdec challenge!

Chris Gore (author and head of Healing Rooms at Bethel, Redding) does the 60 second challenge- picking his favourite declaration and speaking about it for a minute. Which is your favourite? Film yourself speaking about your fave dec and tag us and #sixtysecdec

I am courageous

Courage is not the absence of fear, but feeling the fear and doing the thing anyway. I recently got first hand experience of courage on a motor biking adventure in Thailand...

Thea Muir
I am not an imposter!

'Imposter syndrome' is rife - with people feeling ill equipped to do the job at hand and fraudulent as a result. Whether in parenting, you marriage, your work, know that in Christ you are fully equipped for the job at hand. His strength is perfected in your weakness. You can bring your loaves and fish, enjoy being you and let Him do the rest.

Thea Muir
I am God's masterpiece

Today this flower caused me to marvel for a good fifteen minutes solid. It reminded me that we are God's Masterpieces, that He marvels at and enjoys!!!

Thea MuirComment
I am free from comparing myself to others

As the body of Christ, we are like an ecosystem that works best when each person is doing their bit. Comparison is a killer of this- causing us to look to the left and right and forget who we are actually meant to be and the value of what we bring to the ecosystem.

Thea Muir
I am enough just as I am

What's it all about?... Declarations, a book and a movement, all around getting our thinking in line with who God says we are. 

I am an overcomer!

Our portion is to slay giants and overcome mountains, rather than run, hide or procrastinate!

I am a work in progress!

I am a work in progress! Making mistakes is quite fun when you realise that it won't kill you! 
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