Tom & Leslie Crandall talk to us about Identity

Tom Crandall is the Youth Pastor of Bethel Church, Redding CA. He and his wife Leslie have served in fulltime ministry for 12 years. They have two amazing children, Joel and Adelyn and a yellow lab named Bailey. Tom’s passion is to see a generation burn for God, be established in their identity as son’s and daughters and empower them to demonstrate the Gospel with sign’s and wonders to a lost world.

Steve Backlund does #sixtysecdec challenge!

Steve Backlund was a senior pastor for seventeen years before joining the Bethel Church (Redding, California) team in 2008. Ten of those years were spent on the backside of the desert in Central Nevada where he led their church into renewal, significant numerical growth and positively affected their area. Steve and Wendy have a special heart for senior leaders of rural and smaller churches.

Kris Vallotton talks to us about Identity

What a privilege! Kris Vallotton is the Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California and is cofounder of Bethel School of Ministry. Kris travels internationally training and equipping people to successfully fulfill their divine purpose. He's a bestselling author, having written more than a dozen books and training manuals to help prepare believers for life in the kingdom. He has a diverse background in business, counseling, consulting, pastoring and teaching, which gives him unique leadership insights and perspectives.

Mike Maeshiro does #sixtysecdec challenge

‘I am an alien’ - Mike Maeshiro takes on the #sixtysecdec challenge. Tell us your favourite declaration in sixty seconds and tag #sixtysecdec to join the challenge! @mikemaeshiro @maeshiromike #identity #mindrenewal #declarations

Lily the Awesome does #sixtysecdec!

Lily the Awesome taking on the sixty second declaration challenge with her favourite - ‘I am hidden in God with Christ’. Lily so enjoyed it that she filmed 6! So watch out for more of this powerful, wisdom-filled voice coming soon. #sixtysecdec #iamsomanythings #identity

Amy Miller takes does #sixtysecdec challenge!

@amymiller.creative of @sketchandpress takes on the #sixtysecdec challenge - telling us her fave declaration, against the backdrop of her stunning shop. #sketchandpress #theorycollaborative #iamsomanythings

Chris Gore does #sixtysecdec challenge!

Chris Gore (author and head of Healing Rooms at Bethel, Redding) does the 60 second challenge- picking his favourite declaration and speaking about it for a minute. Which is your favourite? Film yourself speaking about your fave dec and tag us and #sixtysecdec

I am courageous

Courage is not the absence of fear, but feeling the fear and doing the thing anyway. I recently got first hand experience of courage on a motor biking adventure in Thailand...

Thea Muir
I am not an imposter!

'Imposter syndrome' is rife - with people feeling ill equipped to do the job at hand and fraudulent as a result. Whether in parenting, you marriage, your work, know that in Christ you are fully equipped for the job at hand. His strength is perfected in your weakness. You can bring your loaves and fish, enjoy being you and let Him do the rest.

Thea Muir
I am God's masterpiece

Today this flower caused me to marvel for a good fifteen minutes solid. It reminded me that we are God's Masterpieces, that He marvels at and enjoys!!!

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