We're hiring!


It all started when…

We brought out a book, some beautiful products, started a business, successfully launched in the UK and America and loads of people loved it! We grew beyond our capacity. And then Thea got pregnant. YAY!

So, we are looking for...

Do you have...

A heart for identity and transformation and want to be part of a small start-up team and growing business?

UK Operations and Customer Service Manager

You will:

- Have a business mind 

- Have entrepreneurial skills

- Have strong management, data, administrative and sourcing skills

- Enjoy communicating with customers (CRM)

- Have a heart for identity and excellence

- Enjoy being part of a small start up team where lives are being transformed

- Be working part-time from home/shared work space and with the team


Key Roles

  • Day to day business management
  • Customer service (email and phone)
  • Social Media Management 
  • Wholesale account management 
  • Stock control
  • Overseeing accounts

Salary and Commission - TBD

Please send CV and cover letter to Dom@iamsomanythings.com