I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus


Satan , the Accuser, loves to come along at every opportunity possible and whisper lies to try and throw us off course. The recent ones for me have been ‘you are not doing enough’, ‘you are not spiritually hungry enough’, ‘you are not holy enough’, ‘you are not praying and worshipping enough’.

Enough, enough, enough. It's never enough. If I listen and believe the lies I feel hopeless, despondent, not good enough and tempted to hide my face from God. I want to give up and count myself out of trying to follow Jesus because I can never do it properly. 


But kindly, the Holy Spirit reminds me of the truth. Jesus has done it all. He has done enough. He has done everything. God looks at me and sees the perfection of Jesus. God looks at me and sees me white as snow. God looks and me and sees enough. All because of what Jesus did. Jesus fulfilled the requirement. Jesus washed us clean. Jesus made us good enough by His blood. And there is nothing I can do to earn it.


The times when I can answer those accusations in my own strength, it is likely I am in self-righteousness or striving. But the power to silence the lies, walk in freedom, fullness and intimacy with Jesus comes when I stand on the blood of Jesus and the sacrifice of the cross for my justification. When every other claim to be good enough fades away and I say ‘Thank you Jesus for your blood. Thank you that you did it all. Thank you that I am washed whiter than snow.’, then the devil has no leg to stand on. I am holy, blameless and without reproach. It is wild! I didn’t earn it, I don’t deserve it. But it is true, it is mine to receive and it is only pride that would stop me from receiving it. 

Thank you Jesus for your blood. Thank you for all that you did for us on the cross. Thank you Father that there is nothing we can do to make you love us any more or any less. Thank you that you love us 100% already. Thank you for how your love, your grace and Jesus’ death on the cross frees us up to love you back. Please help us to love you with everything, from the freedom of knowing you did it all and that we are righteous before you. AMEN.

Thea Muir