Exciting stories, testimonies and feedback from the summer!

We have been blown away by reports that have come back to us recently from people face to face at festivals but also by e-mail of how I Am So Many Things is transforming lives! Please read on. We hope you enjoy and feel inspired… and if you can we have saved a really touching one to finish.

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Email from the Deaf Church!

Email from the Deaf Church!


A teenage girl with peroxide hair and a few piercings came up to the stall after ‘plucking up her courage all day’ too do so. She has been struggling with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. Last year she got the book but couldn't say the declarations over herself. However over the year this has changed. She realised the power of the negative things she was speaking and thinking and so trusted the process that speaking positive things would have impact too. So she started. And now she can say them and they have helped her hugely and she has passed them on to a friend. The following day we were a couple who turned out to be her aunt and uncle. They said our niece has been transformed by your book, she is called Talia. We put two and two together that that was the girl who had bravely come to say so herself the day before. 

Claire Clark and Matthew aged 5 

Claire Clark (both pics below are from her book) lives in Crawley, South London and bought an IASMT book last year at Focus. She has absolutely loved it and says she is our ambassador in Crawley- encouraging all her friends to buy it. (We have noticed multiple orders coming in from the Crawley area!) Recently she started colouring in her book. She also got one for her five year old son, who colours in alongside her while he is sitting in church. She has coloured them in so beautifully- multicoloured with gel pens and treasures her book. The dust jacket is tattered and well loved. She has also been writing the scriptures that accompany each declaration alongside the picture. This week she posted about 20 pictures on her Instagram feed of different pages she had coloured in- that she wanted to share and encourage other people with. She has really got the IASMT vision and is a huge encourager and advocate!

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Holly (below)

Holly’s dad bought her a book on the second day of Focus (Christian festival we have just been at with IASMT). A few days later she had already coloured in almost half. She wanted to come and show us and so arrived back at the stand to proudly go through her beautiful colourings. 

It is wonderful to see people making the book their own and finding ways to engage more deeply with it. Hopefully the colouring book will give even more room for this way of meditating on the declarations and help children engage more fully. 

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Outrageously Loved Mug

One lady appeared at the stand and told us that she bought an Outrageously Loved mug and when she gave it to her friend they burst into tears straight away! We heard similar stories to this a few times through the week. Praise God for prayers answered that these mugs would really carry the heart of heaven and God’s anointing- to set the captives free and bind up the broken hearted. 

I AM Outrageously loved MUG yellow.jpg

Teachers and doctors 

We met teachers and doctors who had bought the mugs last year and had them in their staff room and surgery and seen them promo conversations with their colleagues. One lady spoke of taking real joy and time to choose which mug to give each person when she was making a round of tea. Again, we heard this from multiple people, that choosing which mug to use each morning was a really considered process. I have experienced this too- stopping to think, ‘which truth do i want to chew/ embrace/ empower in my heart today?’ when making a cuppa. It was our heart in making these mugs that they would arrest people with truth amidst a busy day, so it was really encouraging to hear that choosing the mugs has been an intentional mug for people. 

Prints for Orla baby room 

A sweet couple spent a lot of time with us, choosing three framed prints for the bedroom wall of their new baby. The mother was profoundly impacted by the stand for some reason and teared up, saying it was the highlight of her week meeting us and being at the stand! 

Email from Rose!

Email from Rose!

Stewards Trust 

Recently a friend bought 40 books to give to the girls on a camp she was helping on. During the week girls from that camp appeared at the stand saying ‘we were given this’. It was so fun seeing them tell their friends about it. Sometimes they would proudly tell us ‘I have read it through two times and I am going to go and read it through again!’ Incredible to watch these girls treasuring their books. 

Safe Haven

We met a lady who runs a shelter for vulnerable women in Hastings. Last Christmas they ordered a book for all of their women. She said they have been such a blessing. The women have loved them. Lots of them can hardly read, but because it is so simple they really get it! 

Girls going to Uni

On a few occasions girls bought a pack of postcards to decorate their rooms at their new school/ uni, or adults were getting them for girls they knew about to start uni. How incredible that we can provide these resources to encourage these precious girls through these transition times. 

Cheerfully Given 

On Friday we went live on a Christian Gift website called Cheerfully Given. We had already a mad rush of about 80 orders!!!! 80% of which were for our yellow mug! So encouraging to see this response and influx of sales. May there be more to come as we take IASTM to the next level, widening our tent pegs and selling through more channels than our own website.

From: flyingshogosan1 <
Date: Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 3:19 PM
Subject: Re: Form Submission - New Form
To: Thea Muir <thea@iamsomanythings.com>

Dear Thea,  
I am so sorry that I did not get back to you sooner. 
This is how I did with your pictures.
Preparation; Made enlarged photocopies of about 20 different “things” and put Japanese translation on each scripture
Attendees : 10 kids age 4 to 15 (we don’t have a teens or youth class yet) 
1. Pray
2. Worship: sang two worship songs 
3. Pray
4. Show pictures from "I am so many things"
5. Pastor’s message (Psalm 121) 
6. Activity: coloring 
After praying for blessings for each child, I started by asking them if they know who God is. There are 4 non Christian kids in the class. They said they know God but none of them could identify who God is or what God does. Other Christian kids have some ideas but they were too shy to speak out in the class (Japanese people are very shy to speak their views and opinions in public).
Then, I asked if they know how much God loves us and how He loves us and how He created us to be...
No one could answer to my questions.
I started showing your pictures. From the first picture, the kids became so focused and showed their interest. 
Showing your picture, I first read your passage in English and then read my Japanese translation (some understand English but some don't). On some pictures, I added my comments, for example, on "I am strong" I explained that I am weak but God is strong, because God who is strong supports me I can be strong by His strength. 
As I flipped the pictures, non Christian kids started asking questions. Cute ones were that 4 year old boy questioned "why eagle is there in the picture, is this eagle God? " 6-year old girl asked "Who are they in the Heaven" when she saw "I am not alone".  9-year old boy asked "Does God play soccer, too?"  They are so curious how they are designed to be and created to be. I also gave some encouraging words like "you are not alone because you are always with His big family and He loves you so much" and "God is a great goal keeper and whatever kind of shoot you kick, He will catch that."
I showed about 20 different pictures and the kids loved all these pictures. I was surprised by how powerful the pictures are to the kids! They instantly sensed each concept and felt His Love. I can tell this because they all looked happy and I felt a flow of beautiful holy spirit in the air.
After Pastor's message, I asked them if they like to pick one of their favorite picture and color. All agreed and they picked one they liked. A boy asked question if God is a goal keeper took that picture and colored so happily. He loves playing soccer but he did not know that God plays soccer, too. I really felt that it was a moment for him to learn that God is not someone who lives above the sky but someone who is so close to the boy and who plays soccer with him. 13-year girl picked "I am on fire" and colored the fire part so beautifully with warm red, orange, yellow, and pink color. I heard from my wife that coloring has a kind of soaking effect. When they color, they focus on coloring and giving heart to the object they color. What was amazing was that they select only beautiful colors. None of them chose dark/gloomy color. Some kids colored so elaborately and some kids wanted to color as many pictures as possible because it was so fun and made them happy. Few kids asked me if they can take some more copies so that they can color more at home. I encouraged them to take out all their colored pictures with them and posted on the wall or put them in the picture frame so that they can see every day. For a mother of 4 non Christian kids, I put together all the pictures colored by the 4 kids and handed them over to the mother directly to make sure that she gets them because I knew that she really wanted her children to know God and meet Jesus. 
Sorry, I did not get your permission about my coloring idea, but it came to me all of a sudden through holy spirit so that I was confident that you would also be happy to hear my idea.  
Thea, I don't know how to express my gratitude for all of your artworks and your overflowing love that you poured on each picture. And I don't know how great things God wants to do with your artworks. 
I really wish I could take some photos to send to you. But hope you can imagine how it went and how happily kids were looking at your pictures and coloring them. 
I am planning to continue showing these pictures on regular basis (maybe not in every class, though, as I want to keep them fresh all the time for meanwhile). My goal (=God's will) is, with pictures, to keep nourishing the kids with His Love, reminding them of His great design and true identity of themselves as a child of our loving Father, God. 
I think I want to say more, but I stop here for today. I will report to you more and will keep in my mid to give you some photos. 
Thank you so much again for your great work and thank God for his great plan on you.
Love in Christ,